Tuesday, May 31, 2011

History I and II

Hello again! It's time for random posting!
I'm now taking History 1 and 2 over the summer. What that means is that they are cramming the normal 15 weeks of a college semester into 5 weeks. This is new to me because every week is a new Exam. GAH

Today was the first day and I only had history 2. It took 2 hours (not too long but meh) and covered the entire chapter 17. I mean, it's a community college so I hope it's easy but DANG. I hope I do well in these classes. As such, I won't be playing WoW except on weekends :( and will instead study every day. I will keep this blog up however!

Thanks everyone by the way. Last I checked, I had 99 followers and wanted to say something about 100+. I check a few days later and boom, 126 followers! Thanks for sharing my blog with your friends! I really appreciate it!

I hope everyone has a fantastic summer. If you play WoW, my real ID is omeedashtiani@gmail.com
Add me if you are on burning legion especially! :) Bye!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moslem Scarf

So I was looking into Islam and thinking about why Moslem women wear their cover. I asked both man and woman alike to hear their response "It's empowering towards women."

WHAT? This is a shock to most Americans for we are lead to believe that women are kept beneath men by this culture. Of course, that is what we are supposed to believe to help "liberate them and spread democracy." (Note, I talked to Iranians like myself)

In America, how do we view women. I'm not asking about what we are supposed to say, but what we actually see. Women are objects. When we look upon them, we judge them on their looks. We don't see a person, just another "ZOMG HOT GIRL." I fall victim to this too so don't think that I see myself any better. So how is their cover empowering?

With their cover, they are not judged by their looks. They are covered except for the face where they can be judged on intelligence. Husbands do not need to worry about their wives (as many husbands in America have a "jealousy problem") because their wives are not just a hot piece of meat, but another person that is respected among peers. There are even women in westernized civilization, high in power (mostly England and France) who take this covering to empower themselves...

I could go on, but then it'd be too long to read. So I just thought I'd give this outlook to those who are interested. Thank you for keeping up with my blogs!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another Day

So a friend of mine lives somewhere in Washington! NO WAY
Okay, that's not interesting. What is interesting is that we are trying to make money (jobs/dancing/happy times) to have him visit me for my birthday. We play WoW together and we are both Iranian. He has been my pvp partner for 1 year now and all of my Real Life friends that play WoW know him also (so they are helping raise money.) Currently, we have around $100 / $400 that it'll take to get him here.

Luckily, my birthday is in July. What's a good way to make money so that I can get him here? I was thinking of buying bundles of roses (like 50-100 at a time) and selling them at Gay Bars/Fancy Restaurants for $2.50 or so a piece. This way, people will have a rose to get to their date! I've sold at Gay bars before and there really is good money in selling roses, but now I live 2 hours away from the nearest one so I'd have to take into consideration the gas prices!

If anyone has ideas, please let me know!

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23

Hey guys!
Sorry about this! Let me update everything that happened. I am playing WoW for the summer (85 priest and leveling a resto shaman). I have a job at a car dealership and I'm about to take summer classes. Last semester I made a 4.0 :D

That's the gist of it. I'm really proud of my grade, even if it meant dropping my friends/games. I hope to update this blog as much as possible.
For WoW, I'm running disc priest/feral druid. Sorta working, getting an 1850 tonight but I really have to replace these greens and blues =/

I'll talk more later! I don't want really long posts because it wears me out. Bye for now!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Uber Late

Wow guys, I am incredibly late. Sorry about this! I've been studying a lot and playing games to relax myself on my free time.

So yeah, story time.
In my free time, I decided to play Pokemon Fire Red while having my friend play Leaf Green. This way we could catch all 151 original pokemon. Easy enough right? Well, apparently I remembered everything from blue version so beating the game was ridiculously easy. That being said, my favorite Pokemon is eevee and the evolutions. Got Jolteon, Vaporeon (there is a breeder on island 4), but then was wondering how to get Espeon and Umbreon (I save Flareon for last). I raised the happiness, but realizing there was no time in game, decided to look it up. GET THIS... I have to trade to sapphire/ruby/emerald and THEN evolve it and trade back...
This wasn't going to stop me. I downloaded sapphire right away and traded my eevees. Took me about 4 hours to get to where they evolve. I then decided "meh, might as well" and beat the game with umbreon, espeon, and what not... Easy, beat it the same day I started. I then switched over the two back to fire red, got a flareon, and beat the new Elite four with the eevee evolutions and some other random pokemon I didn't even use.

I thought it was legit, but too easy. I beat both games in a week while maintaining my A's in class. WTF. Games are too easy now.
However, Umbreon's movelist was pretty awesome. I'm pretty sure you could look it up, but I thought it was awesome.
I got mean look so the trainer couldn't switch out pokemon (as they do in the elite four). I bred the hell out of togechik and skitty to get a male skitty with wish, bred with an eevee to get an eevee with wish, and made that one an umbreon. Wish heals you half of your health on the second turn (but you can still cast a spell.)
I then got toxic, which takes about 7 turns to kill the trainer because of how poisonous it is. After that, baton passing to another pokemon who was strong against the enemy.
Simply put.
Mean look
baton pass

:D Was fun! Anyway, thank you for reading. Sorry I've been late. I have more tests/finals but only 4 weeks of college left until I get to go home. YAY

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Not much has been happening recently. Nothing bad at least. Um. Let's see... OKAY GET THIS!
My friend (over the weekend) wanted me to watch a few youtube videos with her. I was like "sure, why not", not even thinking about what it was. Next thing I know, there is a My Little Ponies episode playing. What the heck?! Whatever, I already agreed to watch it so there was no point in complaining right? So we watch the first two episodes.

Here's the kicker... I actually start enjoying it. I don't know what it is about it, but it reminds me of the old looney toons and what not. It was highly amusing. I don't care how lame/gay that sounds, but it was cool. I then discovered that my favorite characters name is Pinkie Pie. She is awesome merely because of her hyperness! I am looking forward to watching the rest of the series, but holy crap I never would have guessed. I would tell people to at least give the pilot (first two episodes) a chance before they judge it too harshly. Here is a song from the pilot sung by pinkie pie.

I would recommend watching the episodes first so that video makes sense, but it's whatever. What do you guys think? Any other pony fans?

On a more important note, I saw a really funny way to mess with people on facebook. So one of my Christian friends said something like
"Man, the hatred that goes through this world is just unnecessary. Sometimes it might be logical, but there is too much going around."
This was followed by my jerk friend who said
"I love the westboro baptist church!"
Now one of our atheist friends says

The jerk then deletes his comment! So it looks like after the hatred post, an atheist says f you. He then gets chastised by 4 people and even his mom says that she raised him better. I know it's inappropriate, but I thought it was hilarious! Can anyone relate?

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Wow! Yesterday was so busy! I was finding new blogs that caught my interest :) Then I had a friend of a friend [Gabi] come to the theatre room at my dorm to teach me how to salsa! It was quite interesting, though I found out that I am not good with my hips. Oh well, practice makes perfect.
After that, we ate, went to Wal-mart, and bought 3 movies (hangover, forgetting sarah marshall, and the exorcist, none of which I've seen). I bought drinks for all of us and another friend bought a box of Gold Fish.... THEY WERE $8!!! HOLY CRAP! They should have been like, $4.50 tops!

Anyway, we had a giant party-type-thing at Gabi's dorm. Giant screen TV with ginger ale, dr pepper, purple drank, and apple juice. First was hang over, then Sarah Marshall, which, by the way, wasn't that bad. Mila Kunis is absolutely wonderful... I'm slightly biased since I've had a crush on her since I've seen that 70's show.. But yeah. Never got to the exorcist...

I left her dorm at 4 am and haven't slept yet... So now is going to a small nap! It was leaving her dorm at 4, doing a bit of java or playing runescape, then studying for another test. All in all, a pretty good day/two-days. I hope everyone else had fun!

Don't know what else to say seeing as I'm falling asleep... but here is a song that you guys should listen to. I ended up stumbling upon it on youtube.

I love Rick Astley. He never gave us up, so we will never let him down. Let's have a real musician hit the top charts instead of Rebecca Black or Justin Beiber. :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 2!

So, I'm new to this blogging thing, so forgive me if I forget at first (or write things the "wrong way").

Well today was excellent really. I woke up at 7:55 (with another 8:00 class) and hauled butt downstairs in my sleeping clothes. Made it to class at 8, which is what I consider a victory. I found out I made an A on my computer science midterm, and a 67/70 on my Philosophy essay. Then, after Discrete math, I talked to another guy about religion.
    Note: I refuse to push my beliefs on anyone and try to avoid making them say what "they should say".

Anyway, so he told me that he believed in God but wasn't religious. Not knowing that I was a muslim, he said that the Qu'ran was some of the most beautiful poetry and made the most sense, even though he would try that mixed with buddhism. We had a discussion about the different flaws in religion (even my own of course :)) and life was good. I went to my room after that for another nap, waking up to go eat at the community diner. Man, I'm glad I'm in college and have meal trades, though I guess it's the same thing as paying while you go anyway. Whatever. So a burger with an omelet on top? Absolutely wonderful. Then was the martial arts thing I go to on Fridays.Today We learned grappling, but meh I sucked at it. I'll get better. Luckily, next friday is MMA and I shine at that.

All in all, a good day. I hope everyone else's day is great too. Of course there are bad times, but there is always good that comes out of it. <-- Don't question, just believe. Why? Because there is no point in moping around about something you can't change. Change it or be happy.

Tell me what you enjoy? How should I construct my posts? What are good earthly colors that go together? I want to change the layout, but I'm terrible at art and color coordination. Thanks!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another day

This day started out fun.
I woke up at 8:30. Problem was that my Calculus 2 lab started at 8:00. Oh well! I just took my time to get to class, seeing as the quiz was at 9:00 anyway and it didn't end until 9:20. So I headed there, stopping to talk to a few people and then headed to the class. When I got there, I took the quiz and slightly messed up. Oh well! I spent the next 30 minutes eating breakfast and then decided to redo the problems on the quiz I got wrong. After I fixed them to my satisfaction, I went to office hours that started at 11. The TA (teacher's assistant) and I talked about a lot of random crap that totally didn't relate to math at all. He showed me nethack (old=school game) and tvscopes.com. That lasted for about two hours and then I went to my room.

Studied until English and talked about censorship in class. Good talk, good talk. Then ate dinner from 5 - 7, talking to a Christian and Atheist about morality and importance of censorship (I'm a muslim) and enjoyed cake.
I decided to make a blogger after that to just interest people in my stories! I hope you enjoy it.
By the way, nethack is pretty awesome. I would recommend you guys google it and play. :) Have a good day!