Monday, April 11, 2011

Uber Late

Wow guys, I am incredibly late. Sorry about this! I've been studying a lot and playing games to relax myself on my free time.

So yeah, story time.
In my free time, I decided to play Pokemon Fire Red while having my friend play Leaf Green. This way we could catch all 151 original pokemon. Easy enough right? Well, apparently I remembered everything from blue version so beating the game was ridiculously easy. That being said, my favorite Pokemon is eevee and the evolutions. Got Jolteon, Vaporeon (there is a breeder on island 4), but then was wondering how to get Espeon and Umbreon (I save Flareon for last). I raised the happiness, but realizing there was no time in game, decided to look it up. GET THIS... I have to trade to sapphire/ruby/emerald and THEN evolve it and trade back...
This wasn't going to stop me. I downloaded sapphire right away and traded my eevees. Took me about 4 hours to get to where they evolve. I then decided "meh, might as well" and beat the game with umbreon, espeon, and what not... Easy, beat it the same day I started. I then switched over the two back to fire red, got a flareon, and beat the new Elite four with the eevee evolutions and some other random pokemon I didn't even use.

I thought it was legit, but too easy. I beat both games in a week while maintaining my A's in class. WTF. Games are too easy now.
However, Umbreon's movelist was pretty awesome. I'm pretty sure you could look it up, but I thought it was awesome.
I got mean look so the trainer couldn't switch out pokemon (as they do in the elite four). I bred the hell out of togechik and skitty to get a male skitty with wish, bred with an eevee to get an eevee with wish, and made that one an umbreon. Wish heals you half of your health on the second turn (but you can still cast a spell.)
I then got toxic, which takes about 7 turns to kill the trainer because of how poisonous it is. After that, baton passing to another pokemon who was strong against the enemy.
Simply put.
Mean look
baton pass

:D Was fun! Anyway, thank you for reading. Sorry I've been late. I have more tests/finals but only 4 weeks of college left until I get to go home. YAY