Tuesday, May 31, 2011

History I and II

Hello again! It's time for random posting!
I'm now taking History 1 and 2 over the summer. What that means is that they are cramming the normal 15 weeks of a college semester into 5 weeks. This is new to me because every week is a new Exam. GAH

Today was the first day and I only had history 2. It took 2 hours (not too long but meh) and covered the entire chapter 17. I mean, it's a community college so I hope it's easy but DANG. I hope I do well in these classes. As such, I won't be playing WoW except on weekends :( and will instead study every day. I will keep this blog up however!

Thanks everyone by the way. Last I checked, I had 99 followers and wanted to say something about 100+. I check a few days later and boom, 126 followers! Thanks for sharing my blog with your friends! I really appreciate it!

I hope everyone has a fantastic summer. If you play WoW, my real ID is omeedashtiani@gmail.com
Add me if you are on burning legion especially! :) Bye!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moslem Scarf

So I was looking into Islam and thinking about why Moslem women wear their cover. I asked both man and woman alike to hear their response "It's empowering towards women."

WHAT? This is a shock to most Americans for we are lead to believe that women are kept beneath men by this culture. Of course, that is what we are supposed to believe to help "liberate them and spread democracy." (Note, I talked to Iranians like myself)

In America, how do we view women. I'm not asking about what we are supposed to say, but what we actually see. Women are objects. When we look upon them, we judge them on their looks. We don't see a person, just another "ZOMG HOT GIRL." I fall victim to this too so don't think that I see myself any better. So how is their cover empowering?

With their cover, they are not judged by their looks. They are covered except for the face where they can be judged on intelligence. Husbands do not need to worry about their wives (as many husbands in America have a "jealousy problem") because their wives are not just a hot piece of meat, but another person that is respected among peers. There are even women in westernized civilization, high in power (mostly England and France) who take this covering to empower themselves...

I could go on, but then it'd be too long to read. So I just thought I'd give this outlook to those who are interested. Thank you for keeping up with my blogs!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another Day

So a friend of mine lives somewhere in Washington! NO WAY
Okay, that's not interesting. What is interesting is that we are trying to make money (jobs/dancing/happy times) to have him visit me for my birthday. We play WoW together and we are both Iranian. He has been my pvp partner for 1 year now and all of my Real Life friends that play WoW know him also (so they are helping raise money.) Currently, we have around $100 / $400 that it'll take to get him here.

Luckily, my birthday is in July. What's a good way to make money so that I can get him here? I was thinking of buying bundles of roses (like 50-100 at a time) and selling them at Gay Bars/Fancy Restaurants for $2.50 or so a piece. This way, people will have a rose to get to their date! I've sold at Gay bars before and there really is good money in selling roses, but now I live 2 hours away from the nearest one so I'd have to take into consideration the gas prices!

If anyone has ideas, please let me know!

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23

Hey guys!
Sorry about this! Let me update everything that happened. I am playing WoW for the summer (85 priest and leveling a resto shaman). I have a job at a car dealership and I'm about to take summer classes. Last semester I made a 4.0 :D

That's the gist of it. I'm really proud of my grade, even if it meant dropping my friends/games. I hope to update this blog as much as possible.
For WoW, I'm running disc priest/feral druid. Sorta working, getting an 1850 tonight but I really have to replace these greens and blues =/

I'll talk more later! I don't want really long posts because it wears me out. Bye for now!